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特賣 4962 Baby Zoo
HK$219.00 HK$120.00

Baby animals have arrived! The friendly zoo keeper has lots to do as she nurses the young animals.....

特賣 5645 Farm Bike
HK$169.00 HK$99.00


特賣 5649 Big Farm
HK$899.00 HK$599.00

It’s another big day at the Big Farm! There’s always something to help with on a farm. Mom is fee.....

特賣 5682 Fire Truck
HK$439.00 HK$276.00

Race to the rescue in the Fire Truck! Emergency! Race to the scene and put out the fire! Use the .....

特賣 6158 Animal Clinic
HK$499.00 HK$420.00

At the Animal Clinic, the vets are helping the poorly animals get well again. Whether they are putti.....

特賣 6169 Fire Chief
HK$109.00 HK$96.00

The Fire Chief is always on the lookout for fires in his cool vehicle! When he spots danger, he is a.....

特賣 10500 Horse Stable
HK$299.00 HK$299.00

Pitch in at the Horse Stable!   Open the colorful Horse Stable door and help get the hors.....

特賣 10502 Zoo Bus
HK$449.00 HK$299.00

Take a wild ride aboard the Zoo Bus!   Hop aboard the zebra-striped Zoo Bus for a fun-fil.....