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特賣 42000 Grand Prix Racer
HK$1,199.00 HK$962.00

Race to the finish with the Racer!   Get ready to burn rubber in the Racer! This 2-in-1 L.....

特賣 42009 Mobile Crane MK II
HK$2,199.00 HK$1,776.00

Build the ultimate lifting machine – the Mobile Crane MK II!   Get ready for the biggest,.....

特賣 42023 Construction Crew
HK$699.00 HK$569.00

Build your very own collection of detailed construction site vehicles! Build a whole construction.....

特賣 42024 Container Truck
HK$799.00 HK$684.00

Transport big loads with the Container Truck! With a massive front grille, wing mirrors, supporti.....

特賣 42025 Cargo Plane
HK$1,399.00 HK$1,140.00

Build and fly the amazing Cargo Plane with realistic functions! Zoom down the runway and off on a.....

特賣 42028 Bulldozer
HK$499.00 HK$353.00

Clear the ground with this powerful 2-in-1 Bulldozer! Get ready to push heavy loads with the awes.....

特賣 42029 Customized Pick up Truck
HK$999.00 HK$792.00

Drive off-road with this robust LEGO® Pick up Truck! Transport heavy loads over rough terrain wit.....

特賣 42030 Remote-Controlled VOLVO L350F Wheel Loader
HK$2,499.00 HK$1,920.00

Get up close to the giant Volvo L350F! Climb aboard the Volvo L350F! Developed in partnership wit.....

特賣 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245
HK$2,199.00 HK$1,630.00

Build and experience the powerful Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245!   Climb aboard the awesome Me.....

特賣 8293 LEGO® Power Functions Motor Set
HK$399.00 HK$330.00

Power up your LEGO® Power Functions! Add even more power to your LEGO® creations! Power Functions.....

特賣 9398 4X4 Crawler
HK$1,999.00 HK$1,680.00

Be the king of the hills with this ultra-rugged motorized 4x4 Crawler!   Take on even the.....